Day-Spa Inspired 20′x20′ Nimlok Trade Show Exhibit

Inspired by the ambiance of a day-spa, wooden floors, white fabric and lighting create a spa-like feel in 20'x20' trade show booth for Nextremity Solutions.

Inspired by the ambiance of a day-spa, wooden floors, white fabric and lighting create a spa-like feel in 20′x20′ trade show booth for Nextremity Solutions.

Nextremity Solutions® is a privately held medical device company at the forefront of forefoot surgical devices. When creating a new strategy for their trade show program, Nextremity Solutions and their advertising agency contacted Group Delphi to celebrate the beauty of feet by revamping their 10’x20’ and 20’x20’ booths for a “spa feel.”

To achieve the ambiance of a spa, Group Delphi added white fabric, pendant lights, plants and wood flooring for spa-like elements. And what’s a spa without bottled water? For spa-like luxury, Nextremity Solutions made a last minute request of water bottles with custom branded labels. Never afraid to rise to the challenge, Group Delphi printed the labels, purchased the water and applied the labels in time for the show for the extra touch of hospitality. Continue reading

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Exhibit City News Features Group Delphi

Exhibit City News features Group Delphi's recent growth.

Exhibit City News features Group Delphi’s recent growth.

After studying theater production in college, CEO Justin Hersh knew he could build a company that created environments that surprise and delight audiences like the theater stage. With only $2,000 and their power tools, Justin and some friends founded Delphi Productions 25 years ago in Oakland, California. Since then, Delphi Productions grew into Group Delphi by continually evolving and seeking opportunities.

From breaking ground to hiring new employees, Exhibit City News took the opportunity to sit down with Justin for a discussion on Group Delphi’s growth in national profile and prominence for their feature, Group Delphi Doubles in Size and Precision.

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Throwback Thursday to VMworld 2013

VMware took you on a time machine at VMworld 2013.

VMware took you on a time machine at VMworld 2013.

VMware, a global leader in cloud computing, gathers everyone who is anyone in the cloud computing space at its VMworld event each summer in San Francisco.

At the 2013 show, VMware celebrated its past 15 years of success as well as its newest cutting edge IT solutions. Their goal was to position themselves as both an agile innovative technology leader and an established pioneer with a 15-year history. Group Delphi helped them do just that with three exhibits that were 20’x30’, 20’x50’ and 70’x90’. Continue reading

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An Insider’s Perspective: Charlene Soelter

Charlene Soelter, Director of Client Strategy

Charlene Soelter, Director of Client Strategy

This week we will feature An Insider’s Perspective from Group Delphi’s Director of Client Strategy, Charlene Soelter. We asked Charlene three questions about her perspective on the trade show industry, and here are her answers.

  1. How did you get your start in trade shows?
    My background and interest was always rooted in design but I had taken a couple of years off to have kids and raise them.  A girlfriend of mine came by for coffee one day, also a stay at home mom, and she talked about going back to work.   She was in Accounting.    I found a posting for an accounting position in a design agency, and on a whim — in front of her —  I pretended to be her and called and scheduled an interview for her. The design agency intrigued me and I was excited for her to go and tell me all about the company.
    The morning of the interview, she called me to tell me that she had cold feet and was not going.   I decided to go instead just because I wanted to step into a creative environment. Continue reading
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Disney’s Pixar Through the Years at Siggraph

Every year at Siggraph, computer animation giant Pixar promotes its proprietary software, RenderMan®, using the theme of its current hit film of the season. As long-time partners, Group Delphi has designed and built the colorful exhibits based on Pixar’s latest hit film. Beginning with Finding Nemo in 2003, see how Disney Pixar’s exhibits at Siggraph evolved with a swim down memory lane.

Finding Nemo at Siggraph 2003.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Finding Nemo for Pixar at Siggraph 2003.

2003: Finding Nemo is the best-selling DVD of all time, with over 40 million copies sold as of 2006, and was the highest-grossing G-rated film of all time before Pixar’s own Toy Story 3 overtook it. It is the 26th highest-grossing film of all time, as well as the 5th highest-grossing animated film. A sequel, Finding Dory, is in development, set to be released on June 17, 2016. Continue reading

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Why Do They Call Them Trade Shows?

Unity’s exhibits were slammed with attendees experimenting with games and products.

Does the term “trade show” accurately describe what happens at a face-to-face marketing event?

“Why do they call them trade shows? No one trades anything…” asked Sean Roberts’s 9-year old daughter, which prompted him to pose the question to a discussion board on LinkedIn. Here are some of the interesting answers to the puzzling question.

Some words have different meanings in different contents. “The Trade” is also used to define a group of businesses. (The carpenter trade, the painter trade, the baker trade, …). At least thats what it is in Europe. If you get the picture. Also in the modern world, you find trading posts when you vacation out in the west and go to a market or a souvenir shop in National Parks or along the road. They call themselves trading posts, but I am sure they are not wanting your used socks in exchange for a coke. – Horst Tondasch, Educator / Speaker, Consultant, and Builder of outstanding quality Exhibits at Coral Enterprises and World Showservices
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Make a Scene for Placerita Canyon Nature Center

Kat Halbert finely cuts each leaf to make the serrated edge of a California lilac.

When you walk into Group Delphi’s production facility in Alameda, CA, you will hear the sharp zing of a saw blade in the woodshop and see sparks flying from metal shop as you carefully navigate your way through zig-zagging forklifts. But beyond the hustle-and-bustle of the production area, there’s another workshop surrounded by a mountain of rocks like a fortress. Walk inside and you’ll discover an quiet oasis of plants, flowers, trees and creatures – and you’ll take a closer look to decipher whether what you’re seeing is real or handmade.

Within this workshop Kat Halbert is taking apart plastic pink flowers she will use to make the ceanothus, or California lilac, for a diorama in the Placerita Canyon Nature Center. With her scissors, Kat takes apart each rounded leaf and carefully cuts for a serrated edge with a pointed tip. Occasionally she deliberately adds flaws like bug bites to create a leaf that could be found in nature. The leaves were originally laid in an opposite pattern, but Kat glues the leaves back on the twig in an alternate pattern. Her schooling in illustration and eye for color gives her the skill to airbrush the pink flowers to a shade of periwinkle blue that perfectly matches her real sample of the flower. After about two days of perfecting the tiniest details, Kat has created a realistic and scientifically accurate California lilac.

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A Journey to Hong Kong Begins in Texas

A tweet from DFW celebrates the Hong Kong exhibit.

A tweet from DFW celebrates the Hong Kong exhibit.

To mark the launch of direct American Airlines flights from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office created a temporary exhibit inside the airport to provide information to travelers and further promote Hong Kong as a destination.

“Hong Kong and Texas are growing their economic and cultural ties. Texas is a key trading partner of Hong Kong, and exported US$1.7 billion worth of goods to Hong Kong last year. Many Texas companies are already operating in Hong Kong. The new non-stop flight will no doubt help to increase the two-way flow of people, goods and capital between our two regions,” said Subrina Chow, the Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco.

Design teams in Hong Kong created the concepts and graphics while Group Delphi was entrusted with the mission to engineer, fabricate and install the project. With barely a month between contract signature and opening, Group Delphi went to work. With all capabilities under one roof, the engineers, carpenters and other craftsmen were able to work quickly to build the 27′ x 33′ custom platform with a custom replica of the iconic Hong Kong tramway stop, colorful graphics and four large SEG light boxes.  Continue reading

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Snap Me a Scent From Your iPhone

The sense of smell is a powerful marketing tool. Can you smell the Big Mac and french fries?

What if this picture came with the smell of burgers and fries attached? It could happen with the latest technology.

“Well, even to this day, if I smell a Big Mac, I’m like Pavlov’s dog. My mouth starts watering immediately, like, ‘Man, that is so good,’ but I can’t take a bite of it.” – Morgan Spurlock, producer/director/writer of Super Size Me

Anyone who’s ever walked past a McDonald’s recognizes the alluring smell of their burgers and French fries. But the smell of food driving fast food sales is not revolutionary – as a consumer, you’re there, you’re hungry (or impulsive), and ready to consume.

But what if we could use technology to harness the power of scent to extend beyond the heat of the moment? The scent sniffed around the world was sent on June 18th by Harvard Professor David Edwards and former student Rachel Field, who were able to send “a sniff of a New York breakfast” to their company in Paris with new technology designed to “harness the evocative power of smell.” The oPhone, which is in a fundraising campaign, is an iPhone with an app that allows you to recreate smells from a palette of 32 scents that’s emitted from an oChip, which recreates the actual smell. If this technology takes off, our sense of smell could be a sensory for marketers to run with. Continue reading

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