Snap Me a Scent From Your iPhone

The sense of smell is a powerful marketing tool. Can you smell the Big Mac and french fries?

What if this pic­ture came with the smell of burg­ers and fries attached? It could hap­pen with the lat­est technology.

Well, even to this day, if I smell a Big Mac, I’m like Pavlov’s dog. My mouth starts water­ing imme­di­ately, like, ‘Man, that is so good,’ but I can’t take a bite of it.” — Mor­gan Spur­lock, producer/director/writer of Super Size Me

Any­one who’s ever walked past a McDonald’s rec­og­nizes the allur­ing smell of their burg­ers and French fries. But the smell of food dri­ving fast food sales is not rev­o­lu­tion­ary – as a con­sumer, you’re there, you’re hun­gry (or impul­sive), and ready to consume.

But what if we could use tech­nol­ogy to har­ness the power of scent to extend beyond the heat of the moment? The scent sniffed around the world was sent on June 18th by Har­vard Pro­fes­sor David Edwards and for­mer stu­dent Rachel Field, who were able to send “a sniff of a New York break­fast” to their com­pany in Paris with new tech­nol­ogy designed to “har­ness the evoca­tive power of smell.” The oPhone, which is in a fundrais­ing cam­paign, is an iPhone with an app that allows you to recre­ate smells from a palette of 32 scents that’s emit­ted from an oChip, which recre­ates the actual smell. If this tech­nol­ogy takes off, our sense of smell could be a sen­sory for mar­keters to run with. Con­tinue read­ing

Cepheid Unveils a Custom Harley

Cepheid's custom Harley was featured on American Chopper.

Cepheid’s cus­tom Harley was fea­tured on Amer­i­can Chopper.

For this Throw­back Thurs­day, we remem­ber when med­ical device com­pany Cepheid added a cre­ative spin to their new cam­paign, “Art Meets Inno­va­tion,” for the Amer­i­can Asso­ci­a­tion of Clin­i­cal Chem­istry (AACC) 2011. But it came with some highly unusual and dif­fi­cult require­ments for the launch.
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Unity at The Game Developers Conference 2014

Unity at The Game Developers Conference 2014.

Unity at The Game Devel­op­ers Con­fer­ence 2014.

Ten short years ago, video game devel­oper Unity was just 3 guys in a base­ment cre­at­ing tech to enrich the lives of devel­op­ers. Now Unity has quickly grown to become an indus­try leader ready to show their strength by intro­duc­ing Unity 5 at The Game Devel­op­ers Con­fer­ence 2014.

One of the largest exhibitors at the show, Unity planned a cor­po­rate 60’ x 60’ gam­ing part­ner pavil­ion plus a 30’ x 40’ arcade-style Unity Games exhibit that incor­po­rated large-scale brand­ing while show­cas­ing devel­op­ment inno­va­tions. They had a key loca­tion at the hall’s entrance and needed to com­pete in size, mes­sage and impact with its equally large neigh­bor, Sony. Con­tinue read­ing

What Makes Your Story Compelling? Tell Us at HCEA 2014

GD_HCEA_eblastHeaderStory telling isn’t enough. You need to tell a story that com­pels action.

It takes a unique com­bi­na­tion of under­stand­ing, tools and tal­ent to make your prod­uct story com­pelling. Group Del­phi gets it. We use Strat­egy, Con­tent, Design, Dig­i­tal Wiz­ardry and Pro­duc­tion to com­pel health­care pro­fes­sion­als to action.

Visit us at HCEA 2014, Booth #524 and let us show you how.

You can also see Kyle Wood and Tony Erpeld­ing present with Jill Schmitt of Medtronic, Inc. on The Mar­riage of Con­tent and Archi­tec­ture on June 23, 12:40–1:30 at 6C in Work­shops 6.

A Look at Group Delphi’s Museum Projects

From the south­west to the Pacific Rim, our lat­est video fea­tures a few of our mem­o­rable per­ma­nent instal­la­tions across the United States. Watch the reel to see chil­dren at the Pacific Sci­ence Cen­ter in Seat­tle, WA learn the health facts about a daily meal as they play with the Food Ana­lyzer. At the land­mark Reunion Tower in Dal­las, TX, the atmos­pheres of sunny, stormy and rainy skies in the Big Sky Lounge was cre­ated with a video loop on the ceil­ing. The rich his­tory and cul­ture of the native Hawai­ian peo­ple is cel­e­brated at the Bishop Museum in Hon­olulu, HI. Every in-house pro­duc­tion depart­ment – includ­ing scenic, media, AV sys­tems, and the wood and metal — were active in build­ing the five halls for the Perot Museum of Nature and Sci­ence in Dal­las, TX. Clips of our pro­duc­tion facil­ity in Alameda, CA show us hard at work on what will be the next excit­ing museum and envi­ron­ment projects.

Group Del­phi Muse­ums and Envi­ron­ments Reel from Group Del­phi on Vimeo.

Intuitive Surgical’s New Headquarters

Group Delphi designed the branded interior of Intuitive Surgical's ultramodern headquarters.

Group Del­phi designed the branded inte­rior of Intu­itive Surgical’s ultra­mod­ern headquarters.

Back in 2012, Intu­itive Sur­gi­cal was get­ting ready to break ground for their new Sun­ny­vale, CA head­quar­ters. For this new state-of-the-art facil­ity, they needed a branded inte­rior that would com­ple­ment their cutting-edge and unmatched technology.

Inspired by the work done to their exist­ing head­quar­ters by Group Del­phi four years ear­lier, Intu­itive Sur­gi­cal enlisted Group Delphi’s cre­ative team again to pro­vide an updated look and feel for their new lobby, VIP area, con­fer­ence and demo rooms.

When they began design­ing the inte­rior, Group Del­phi aimed to tell the company’s com­pelling story about this rev­o­lu­tion­ary med­ical device. They incor­po­rated the device’s his­tory with dis­play cases hold­ing the first gen­er­a­tion of sur­gi­cal instru­ments and robotic arms. Mon­i­tors and inter­ac­tive tablets through­out the area con­tribute to telling the story with surgery videos, patient tes­ti­mo­ni­als and vir­tual test drive of the sys­tem.
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Breaking Ground on a New Facility

Group Delphi breaks ground on a new facility in Indiana.

Group Del­phi breaks ground on a new facil­ity in Indiana.

Our Fort Wayne, IN loca­tion is set up in a cam­pus style and uti­lizes 84,000 square feet in four build­ings. After a recent acqui­si­tion in the mid­west, Group Delphi’s growth has caused a space deficit in every aspect of our oper­a­tion and has caused us to look at alter­na­tives. While we inves­ti­gated adding addi­tional build­ings to our cur­rent cam­pus, this option would not sup­port the long-term growth plans of the com­pany. We decided our best option was to build a sin­gle build­ing that allows all of our Fort Wayne oper­a­tions to be con­sol­i­dated under one roof.

Last week we broke ground on our new 200,000 square foot facil­ity, which will nearly dou­ble our Fort Wayne foot­print. This facil­ity will allow for much more pro­duc­tion and ware­hous­ing capac­ity as well as the space to enhance our capa­bil­i­ties by adding state of the art exhibit and graphic pro­duc­tion equip­ment. The new office space will show­case our inte­rior cre­ativ­ity, detailed crafts­man­ship, and dig­i­tal con­tent capa­bil­i­ties as we pro­duce our fur­ni­ture and pro­vide video exam­ples for employ­ees and vis­i­tors alike.

By the end of 2014, we plan to be in our new facil­ity and ready to accom­plish the addi­tional oppor­tu­ni­ties it affords us. The $4 mil­lion invest­ment is expected to add 68 jobs by 2017. See a video on us break­ing ground from the Indi­ana News Cen­ter.

Museum-goers’ Compelling Stories

Cultural art graphics at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI.

Cul­tural art graph­ics at the Bishop Museum, Hon­olulu, HI.

As we help our clients tell com­pelling sto­ries, we thought The Con­ver­sa­tion of Art project by the Bain­bridge Island Museum of Art was cool way for museum-goers and pro­fes­sion­als to tell their sto­ries. On the project’s web­site, sim­ple but thought-provoking ques­tions about art and muse­ums are posted and par­tic­i­pants’ answers run on a live-feed below. Here are a few of our favorite stories:

What’s your museum moment?

 Spend­ing hours in Ottawa’s National Gallery before Itchiku Kubota’s incred­i­ble “Sym­phony of Light”, a col­lec­tion of hand-dyed kimonos rep­re­sent­ing the sea­sons at Mt. Fuji. I was moved to tears. When in Japan some years later, I man­aged to find my way to his per­sonal gallery at Kawaguchi-ko, where I again rev­eled in the beauty of that work and had a fas­ci­nat­ing con­ver­sa­tion over tea with his son about the artist and his work. Peak expe­ri­ences like that one–unbeatable! — Patri­cia, Bain­bridge Island

At the Alamo in San Anto­nio, as a nine-year-old, star­ing at a china doll. I sud­denly real­ized peo­ple really lived before me, and had pos­ses­sions they cared about, toys they played with. His­tory was sud­denly a liv­ing thing, and you could reach back in time and touch other peo­ple. — Jen­nifer Carl­son, Tulsa

I have count­less moments, but the one that comes to mind was at the Ola­fur Elias­son exhibit, Take Your Time, at SFMOMA. Nearly each exhibit was inter­ac­tive, immer­sive, and the effect was amaz­ing. My favorite was “Beauty”. A fine mist in a lit black box room cre­ated a rain­bow. Many peo­ple stood at the back of the room and looked in, but I, miss­ing the North­west, ran back and forth under the rain­bow until water droplets clung to my clothes and hair. I was in heaven. — Katie Williams, Seat­tle, WA

I knew art muse­ums were my future when I got to go behind-the-scenes at the Cleve­land Museum of Art as a high school stu­dent. Since then, I’ve never left the world of art muse­ums. It is my pas­sion. — Sarah Cortell Van­der­sypen, Alexan­dria, LA

I grew up in Port­land, OR, and I have fond mem­o­ries of all the muse­ums there. The vis­its that really stick out in my mind, how­ever, are the trips my mom and I took to the Port­land Art Museum. These trips were just about us, usu­ally involv­ing lunch in down­town, and in these mag­nif­i­cent spaces full of beau­ti­ful art I could talk about any prob­lems with school, or my future plans, but mainly we just dis­cussed the art and that was enough. — Allie, Seat­tle

When I was in 3rd grade or so and the local art museum in St. Louis brought an Egypt­ian mum­mi­fied cat to our class along with the x-rays of what it looked like inside the cof­fin. — Erin O.,Fort Worth, TX

Why does art mat­ter to you?

Art uni­fies, opens doors, breaks down bar­ri­ers, expands our vision. A world with­out art would be like pop­corn with­out but­ter. — Mar­garet Stine, Bain­bridge Island

art is a langues that every­one can read. — sam, florida

What can art teach us?

Art can teach us about our sur­round­ings and how each of us fits in the scheme of things. It allows us to imag­ine, cre­ate and reflect our ideas in a visual rep­re­sen­ta­tion of our world. — Ricardo Mire­les, Texas

Art can teach us that car­rots can be pur­ple. (It’s okay to be dif­fer­ent). — Anonymous,Lowell, Indiana

How would you answer these ques­tions? Join the con­ver­sa­tion when you com­ment below or tweet us.

AAM 2014 is Happening Now

Group Delphi's 10'x30' exhibit at AAM 2014 in Seattle, WA.

Group Delphi’s 10’x30’ exhibit at AAM 2014 in Seat­tle, WA.

This is Group Delphi’s first year exhibit­ing at the Amer­i­can Alliance of Museum’s (AAM) Annual Meet­ing & Expo, which is hap­pen­ing right now in Seat­tle, WA. Our Museum Team is excited to meet face-to-face with museum pro­fes­sion­als from all over the world while exhibit­ing in a 10’x30’ cus­tom rental booth designed, built and deliv­ered by Group Del­phi. In the dis­cov­ery phase of design­ing this exhibit, the museum team wanted to show atten­dees how we help muse­ums tell their com­pelling story. The booth catches atten­tion of passers-by with active lentic­u­lar graph­ics iden­ti­fy­ing our in-house capabilities:

  • Tech­nol­ogy Integration
  • Scenic Cre­ation
  • Dig­i­tal Content
  • Project Sup­port
  • Fab­ri­ca­tion

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Cepheid’s Story at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Cepheid at the 2013 ECCMID in Berlin, Germany.

Cepheid at the 2013 ECCMID in Berlin, Germany.

The 2014 Euro­pean Con­gress of Clin­i­cal Micro­bi­ol­ogy and Infec­tious Dis­eases just ended this week in Barcelona, Spain. For the last four years, Group Del­phi has helped lead­ing med­ical device com­pany, Cepheid, exhibit at the huge trade show.

Cepheid devel­ops mol­e­c­u­lar sys­tems and tests for man­ag­ing infec­tious dis­eases and can­cer. For years they have part­nered with Group Del­phi to tell their com­pelling story at trade shows across the United States. With roar­ing suc­cess on the U.S. trade show cir­cuit, Cepheid approached Group Del­phi in 2010 ready to expand their pro­gram abroad. Con­tinue read­ing